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We offer various workplace options that you can choose depending on your unique needs. You can work in a team or alone, in a closed or an open space, in a quiet or a brainstorming environment. Our memberships have different schedules starting from 5 per month and ending with 24/7 everyday.

Team room

Our team rooms are made for teams (incredible). They give you privacy needed to create your own atmosphere. At the same time team rooms are a part of coworking, so you have access to all the zones we have. To represent you well we include company sign, official mailbox and 5 meeting room hours in this package.

Flex or fix desk

You can choose a flex or a fix desk. You want to have everything set up for your work every day? Fix desk is a good solution. This workplace is yours and only yours. With flex desk you can choose your workplace when you come in based on the tasks you have that day, either it is time to dig into e-mail abyss or skype with your team member. You also have 3 meeting room hours to make a good impression on partners.

Flex room

You can book it just for one day or for one week: flex rooms are perfect for teams that need their own space only from time to time. You can have a productive work session and move out next day. Flex office is great both for a remote team that gathers only now and then, and for a sub-team of a bigger project that needs some quality time away from the rest.


We have prepared a number of services to help you to focus on your main adventure and forget about all the secondary tasks. Our business products are aimed to present you the best way in fromt of your customers and partners.


You get a representative postbox address, and our crew carefully gathers your letters, with love and devotion. If you have a long trip, we can forward the scans to you. This way you won’t miss out on an important Finanzamt note! (Yes, we wanted to scare you, but just a little bit)

Business Address

That is special. Business address is an important legal moment here in Germany. You can use it in your legal documents and imprint. We take this with all seriousness, so we need to assure that you have a workplace at Space Shack, if we give you a business address.

Meeting room

Oh boy, here you really have a great choice. We have 4 meeting rooms, all different styles and sizes. So you can meet your customer one-on-one in a cozy turbo room, present to investors in a representative executive room, and host a workshop in a spacious conference room. All meeting rooms are equipped on a top level.

Event venues

We offer a wide selection of event venues for your events, meetups and conferences. You can also get the necessary technical equipment as well as catering and beverages.

Event room 100

For everything from a hackaton to a talk round

Event room 50

Perfect for masterclasses and workshops

Conference room

Fits for smaller masterclasses and lessons

Story of one of our members

Donuts should die!

Matthias is an illustrator. He has a very distinct style and big affection for brutal sweets and other monsters. Even his nickname is pencake. He is very creative, and now also running workshops anywhere in Europe, some in Berlin, some in Czech Republic. His characters are lively He prefers to work in Adobe illustrator with the contour, and then fill the colors in offline.

Expert events

We organize and host events for highly specialized communities. We like to support those, because they often have amazing projects not known to general public.


Our members get a shortcut to finding a service provider. For the most important services we cherry picked a few companies and got a good deal there for our members.

About us

We created Space Shack, because we were tired to see how great ideas are getting buried under loads of unnecessary information and secondary tasks. We want to help you focus on your priority No_1 tasks. So we have prepared a space with an insane variety of areas for different purposes, event venue and business network that serve as shortcuts through all the essential but not primary business tasks. This way we keep you in an adventurous state of mind .

Space Shack crew is super international: we come from USA, Russia and even Germany!

Why is Space Shack special?

  • Space Shack has this unique friendly atmosphere, since my first day here I feel like I found myself a new family. I totally love it here <3

    Marek Bartík Ackee UG / DevOps Engineer
  • Space shack offers a comfortable yet concentrated working atmosphere. Once you step out the door though you're in lively Schöneberg - for me that's the perfect mix!

    Julius Becker Innogy / Innovation Hub
  • There are a lot of promising teams here and we are looking forward to getting more new clients and partners!

    Matthias Schmeisser seo-nerd / CEO
  • Kultmacher, our Branding Agency is glad to be part of the Space Shack, thanks them we could satisfy our customer demands, co-working with different team-talents, and even offering them inspiring events.

    Marcello Doering Die Kultmacher / Founder
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